Cecilia Rodriguez, post as a supermodel: look and dress to scream [PHOTOS]


Model post and sensual gaze. In her latest published photo, Cecilia Rodriguez is beautiful and very sexy. Many compliments from fans

Very elegant but above all beautiful. Chechu posted a photo on social media that stunned her followers. A black and white shot that highlights her sensuality and beauty. Belen’s little sister wears a tight black dress and a nice bracelet on her wrist. Her pose and her gaze make you think of some scene from a movie or a famous commercial of big brands.

Some of her followers wrote to her that she looks a lot like the beautiful Italian actress Sophia Loren. A compliment that certainly does not go unnoticed and it is appropriate to say that it was a compliment. Beautiful and very sexy!

Cecilia Rodriguez, there is still love with Ignazio Moser


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Fans of the couple these days have experienced moments of exacerbation by the gossip that has declared them at the end of their relationship. Nothing more false. At the base of the chat, as often happens, there are social networks. Great friends but also tools for spreading bad news.

However, the publication of a video by both has denied the rumors in circulation. But it wasn’t so much the video that made us understand the union between the two, but the words: “Love each other”. After all, Cecilia and Ignazio never said a word about the possible crisis. Just last summer there were several times when it actually felt like their love had vanished.

To give even more rope to the situation was the fact that Cecilia had decided to join the family to spend some moments together, while Moser had remained in Milan for commitments. At the end of the season, the moment of truth has come. The couple posted a photo that made fans happy – an image of them celebrating their third anniversary. At a glance, the gossips were silenced. Beautiful and close-knit couple.