Caterina Balivo poses all leopard print, then the request: “What will happen?” [PHOTOS]


The Italian presenter and former model, Caterina Balivo, placed a leopard-print photo in front of a door. Then she asks her followers a question.

The TV presenter Caterina Balivo took her first steps in the world of fashion, also participating in Miss Italy where she ranked third. La Balivo was born in Naples and thanks to her physical form and her beauty she managed to enter the world of entertainment, exploiting her strengths to get to the management. Today Caterina is a much-loved and established presenter and has a following of almost one and a half million on her Instagram profile.

Besides being a career woman, Caterina is also a mother and wife. She married in 2014 with the financial manager Guido Maria Brera with whom she had two children: Guido Alberto and Cora. In 2018 she published a book with Mondadori entitled ” Men are like washing machines ” which met with some success.

Caterina Balivo poses a shot and asks an uncomfortable question to her fans [PHOTOS]

Here is a leopard- print Caterina Balivo, as we do not expect. Tight jeans that highlight the shapes, animalier ankle boots,s and a trench coat that makes everything a little more classic. The TV presenter posts a shot in which she poses in front of the door of a building that is under the eyes of the whole world, where the future of our country is being decided. It is Palazzo Chigi and the Balivo asks a somewhat uncomfortable question to her followers “what will happen?”

In fact, in these hours, the Senate is discussing and voting to give confidence to the Conte government, put in crisis by the exit of Italia Viva, a decision carried out by the leader Matteo Renzi. Italy is not only facing a pandemic and an economic crisis that will leave its mark for years to come, but it must also fight with the leading role of politicians who do not care about the well-being of the country.