Aurora Ramazzotti, the story warms the heart: “It is inexplicable” [PHOTO]


Aurora Ramazzotti moved her fans with a very tender post. The special dedication in the caption and the telling of a story that warms the hearts

Aurora Ramazzotti expressed all her love for her boyfriend, Goffredo Cerza, in her latest post on Instagram. Michelle’s daughter dedicated the story of their love story to the boy, sharing a photo of them hugging in black and white. The caption is heart-melting, with the detailed story of their acquaintance and then their long relationship.

A report their start on January 19, it seems, in 2017, on the occasion of the birthday of Godfrey. There the two met to never separate again. For four years together, Aurora and Goffredo are one of the most loved couples on the web and in the entertainment world in general. Meanwhile, the greeting post has already reached the beauty of 149 thousand likes in a few minutes.

Goffredo and Aurora Ramazzotti: the most loved couple on the web

Notoriety has also often made them uncomfortable, although at times it would seem the price to pay for fame. Goffredo and Aurora have been engaged since 2017, they met in London, the two would never have separated. As Ramazzotti herself stated some time ago, there were doubts on her part towards the boy. Doubts chased away after the first months of acquaintance though.

Even if we can’t speak of love at first sight at the beginning, the couple is very close and close-knit, despite some inevitable down periods. The two have also shared the suffering of Covid in recent months. With today’s post, Michelle’s daughter of art wanted to dedicate a thought to her boyfriend on the occasion of his birthday, remembering the party of 2017, which started their love.