Alessia Macari, double “surprise” photo: in the second she is undressed! [PHOTOS]


Alessia Macari last night surprised her many fans on Instagram and sent them haywire, in the second shot the showgirl below is naked

Alessia Macari returns to inflame the web with her sensuality and beauty. On her Instagram profile, she posted two new shots and surprised her many and loyal fans.

In the photos, the beautiful model, showgirl, and influencer wear a shirt, sweater, and hat, underneath she is not wearing anything! In fact, in the second shot, we see that she is naked underneath, only boots up to above the knee can be seen. Her surprise was very much appreciated by all those who follow her, they in fact filled her with compliments.

Alessia Macari, nicknamed in the past the ‘ciociara’, has managed to capture the attention of her many fans once again. With her beauty and her breathtaking body she certainly never goes unnoticed. Often the showgirl enjoys provoking her followers with spicy and sensual photos where she shows off her amazing curves. It goes without saying that every time it sends the web into a tailspin.

Alessia Macari provocative on Instagram, the showgirl drives fans crazy

On social media, Alessia Macari is much loved and followed. Today on her Instagram profile she has 1 million followers, these always remind her how wonderful and seductive she is.

With her hot photos, she always manages to conquer many likes and compliments. Her fabulous body and stunning beauty make countless showgirl fans lose their minds. Even the last post published yesterday evening on Instagram enchanted her followers. In the first photo, Alessia Macari shows nothing, in the second, however, there is a surprise for the fans, under a shirt and sweater she is wearing nothing. Her gorgeous bare legs have sent the web into a frenzy.