Pierpaolo Pretelli, the mother is back on TV: “With Giulia? They are exaggerated “


The Petrelli family has not yet digested the end of the story between their son and Gregoraci. Pierpaolo’s mother doesn’t look kindly on Giulia.

The love story between the two Vippos is not seen willingly by the former velino’s family. In fact, on several occasions, both the mother and the brother have declared how fond they are of Gregoraci. Furthermore, they confessed that Pierpaolo was much happier in Elisabetta’s arms now. Obviously, Vippone did not take well the words of his family and asked that they stay out. Pierpaolo has expressly declared that he does not want his mother and brother to intervene and talk about his relationship with Giulia Salemi.

The Petrelli family continues to hold its position

Once again the mother of the former velino and competitor of the Big Brother Vip intervened in the relationship of Pierpaolo and Giulia Salemi. After the various slips and the accusations of the web, Mrs. Margherita wanted to clarify that she has nothing against the Italian-Persian, indeed she would also like to have her as a daughter-in-law. She claims she has never put a spoke in the wheel of her son by accepting all the girls he has introduced to her. The mother of the ex velino said “if my son is happy then I’m happy too”.

The interview with D’Urso, however, did not end on a positive note. In fact, the various commentators and the presenter have returned to talk about the tenderness that Pierpaolo and Giulia are used to exchange. At that point, Margherita reiterated that she is absolutely not pleased to see her son so affectionate towards the Italian-Persian. He specified that that kind of effusions are quite exaggerated and he certainly doesn’t go crazy with joy seeing them.