Noemi, like against Emma and Alessandra: the singer’s reaction displaces


Noemi ended up in the storm in the past hour due to alike against Emma Marrone and Alessandra Amoroso, the singer justified herself on Twitter

In the latest  Noemi has ended up at the center of much criticism and controversy on Twitter. The reason? she liked a tweet that praised Inoki Ness but which at the same time was negative towards Alessandra Amoroso and Emma Marrone and their first single  ‘Piece of heart’.

A fan of Emma and Alessandra, after realizing the singer’s like, immediately pointed it out to the two talented and beloved singers and attacked Noemi hard. On her Twitter account, she tagged all three and wrote that the comment against Amoroso and Emma proves that envy is everywhere. she then added that envy comes mainly from women who consider themselves friends. The user then recalled that Noemi, Emma, and Alessandra also made concerts for women’s support and against violence against women.

Noemi justifies her like, the replica of Alessandra Amoroso

After reading the comment  Noemi immediately wanted to clarify the matter. The well-known singer explained that after reading the post she was happy for the praise to Inoki Ness, but she hadn’t noticed the critical sense towards Emma and Alessandra.

The singer went on to say that it is impossible for her to make a criticism of two extraordinary women and artists. She concluded by saying that their piece is gorgeous and invited everyone to listen to it.

Shortly afterward Alessandra Amoroso also intervened on Twitter. The beloved singer reassured Noemi by telling her that she and Emma are sure that she did not think of their song as a commercial gimmick but only as a beautiful union of two women, friends in music. The singer then wished her good luck for her participation in the new edition of the Sanremo Festival.