Nina Palmieri and the sibylline kiss: “For a person I love” [PHOTO]


The well-known journalist of Le Iene, Nina Palmieri, publishes a photo whose caption intrigues fans. Who will this beloved person be?

He is now one of the well-known faces of television. Nina Palmieri, born Giovanna, was born in Abruzzo on March 26, 1976. The journalist studied and graduated in Literature and then pursued a career in journalism. First, however, she also ventured into another profession, namely the actress. Later she gets a job within the Blu Notte program.

She later notes the Fox Life network offering her the role of host for the Sex Education Show. Thanks to her important apprenticeship, she then becomes part of the great family of Le Iene becoming today a fundamental pillar for the entire team.

Nina Palmieri and the sweet dedication to a mysterious person


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The Abruzzese leads a very private life, in fact little and nothing is known about her. We know that she has a partner with whom she gave birth to a beautiful girl named Amanda in 2017. Palmieri and her partner, on the other hand, started dating only a year earlier, in 2016. The journalist has no desire to blurt out her life on social media, in fact, it is not possible to find any photos that do not concern her in the first person or, rarely, of her daughter.

Once again Nina plays the mysterious. In fact, she posted a black and white photo in which she wears a mask and seems to send a flying kiss. From what she wrote it can be deduced that she saw a person very dear to her whom she had not seen for a long time due to the global pandemic who did not even allow them to hug. The Palmieri, however, has not tagged anyone, and thus once again we remain intrigued, but empty-handed.