Francesca Cipriani unmasks two gieffini: “They did it, I heard them”


The well-known curvy showgirl, Francesca Cipriani, says it big on two Vippons. She says she heard firsthand what happened between the two.

In the house of Big Brother Vip a friendship was born that no one would have expected, the one between Giacomo Urtis and Mario Ermito . Although the Apulian model entered the program after three months and stayed for very little, she managed to create a very strong bond with the well-known VIP surgeon. In recent days, the famous influencer and queen of gossip, Deianira Marzano,  had begun to spread some rather spicy rumors.

In fact, according to the Neapolitan between the two griffins, there is much more than a simple friendship. In fact, she claims to know for certain that Giacomo and Mario spent a night together. Even the friend of the surgeon, Francesca Cipriani, intervenes and has her say about this gossip.

The well-known curvy showgirl was present at that famous evening

Interviewed by Giada Miceli, on the Radio Non-Succederà Più programFrancesca Cipriani revealed her version of the truth. The showgirl said she was present on the evening when Mario Ermito and Giacomo Urtis were at the VIP surgeon’s house together. According to what the Abruzzese confessed, it seems that the reign of gossip Deianira Marzano is not completely wrong.

In fact, Francesca has publicly supported the Neapolitan version saying “ I tell you, they have consumed. I slept at Giacomo’s house ”. Obviously the Apulian model has replied to this rumor by claiming that she has never been to Urtis’s house and that these stories are invented only to feed gossip. Ermito said she slept at her agent’s home in Rome for two days and then left for Brindisi.