Eleonora Pedron squatting raises her legs: the detail is hot [PHOTO]


Sexy post by Eleonora Pedron. Beautiful setting on a chair, but a particular “hot” immediately struck her fans. What is it about?

“Peacefully impatient”. The beautiful Eleonora Pedron used these two simple words in her latest Instagram post. The former Miss Italy is sitting on a chair and holds her knees up with her arms.

Didn’t you notice the hot detail? In fact, in addition to the sweater, the beautiful Eleonora only has almost transparent black stockings. The detail certainly made many of her followers happy. A particular “I see I do not see” that always makes every woman attractive. Whether it’s a detail or an oversight, with its elegance it can afford anything. Vulgarity is not part of her personality and her audience, she is certainly happier that way.


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Eleonora Pedron, because she did not marry Max Biaggi

The story between Eleonora Pedron and Max Biaggi was one of the most followed and loved by the public and by gossip. When their relationship ended, it inevitably caused a lot of grief. The two are parents of two wonderful children: Inés Angelica and Leon Alexandre. Thinking of them together meant thinking of great love, strong and sincere feelings. Then everything vanished.

The end of love is always a cause of great suffering, but over time the pain has turned into a union for their children. A bond that no one can ever dissolve. Why had the couple decided not to get married at the time? Eleonora in an interview stated that Max Biaggi has always been against marriage. You, on the contrary. she always wanted it.

Despite the suffering of the former Miss Italy for the end of the story that lasted twelve years, today she knows that she has something much more beautiful than a dream on the altar. In front of the children, there is no dream ceremony or a white dress. The importance they attach to her life goes far beyond all this. Despite the initial tensions, but as it is normal for them to be shortly after they break up, Eleonora and Max now seem to get along. But as she says: “We have to go there by force”!