Claudia Ruggeri all snug greets the fans: the view takes your breath away [PHOTO]


A Mediterranean beauty, a penetrating gaze, and perfect shapes for Claudia Ruggeri, now a real reality of Italian TV. The beautiful sister-in-law of Paolo Bonolis has a large group of fans ready to support her on social networks. The woman is in fact married to the brother of Sonia Bruganelli, consort of the conductor.

And Ruggeri works with her brother-in-law in the show “ Avanti un Altro ”. A presence since the first episode of the early evening game show, champion of plays, and various characters interpreted; from the sexy policewoman to the disturbing teacher, up to the “manager” of the mini world.

Standing ovation every time she enters the studio, because Ruggeri is a real icon. And in the broadcast, she defends the brunette beauty among the blondes Sara CroceLaura Cremaschi, and Francesca Brambilla, the other super protagonists of the program aired from March on Canale 5 with the new episodes.

Claudia Ruggeri always at the top: what a good morning


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His work on TV, however, certainly does not affect the other activities, first of all, the photoshoots she undergoes. And her commitments are documented on her Instagram profile, a sort of reference point for her followers, a good one million.

Ruggeri alternates images of her works with other decidedly sexy ones, in which she shows in all her splendor; recently posted a photo of her in a bikini, black, looking more beautiful than ever. Sitting on a rock, with the sunset in the background, she exhibits her perfect body, with a flat stomach and a mermaid-like pose.

The last photo, on the other hand, sees her engaged on a photographic set in Rome, her city. Breathtaking panorama behind, she is the beauty that attracts the most; a long skirt and a sleeveless top, a hint of an uncovered belly, and above all shape well in relief. It’s a very hot good morning, with the left hand in her hair to make it as erotic and sensual as possible.