Cecilia Rodriguez without brakes: pants are open everywhere [PHOTO]


Cecilia Rodriguez continues to surprise the people of social media and does so with a new photo with particular pants all open

Through social networks, the beautiful Cecilia Rodriguez continues to show how beautiful and strong her love for Ignazio Moser is. In fact, in recent times the two are increasingly linked and the photos on their Instagram profiles the many photos confirm this.

On social media, however, the splendid Argentine also shows her extreme sensuality, which drives her many followers crazy, which at the moment are 4.3 million. The last post sees her with wide-open pants that make everyone’s head spin.

Cecilia Rodriguez, pants without limits open everywhere: what a view!

The sensuality in the Rodriguez house is certainly in the family, with Belen and Cecilia always ready to make everyone fall in love, and Jeremias is no exception. The youngest of the family continues to win acclaim through her Instagram profile, posting breathtaking photos of her lovely body.

In fact, in the last post shared today, the beautiful Argentine shows her back to the wall, wearing a pair of pants that are open on the sides and make the social media people dream of seeing more details. To hold them up there are a couple of chains that make everything wilder. Her pose is very sensual, thanks also to the top that stops at breast height and highlights the fantastic curves. In the description, she wishes everyone a good start to the week, and certainly, for those who look at the photo, it could not have started better. The likes, as always, begin to rise immediately and reach 15,000 in a few minutes.