Cecilia Rodriguez and the magic shadow: how does she do it? [PHOTOS]


The well-known Argentine showgirl, Cecilia Rodriguez, Belen’s younger sister, posted a photo that intrigued many fans. What has she ever done?

The young showgirl and model, Cecilia Rodriguez, is experiencing a particularly peaceful period. The sister of the well-known Argentine presenter, Belen, has finally found serenity alongside her partner Ignazio Moser. The two had had a not too happy time in the summer. Rumors about their separation also began to spread.

Fortunately, ” Chechu “, as it is called by the Trieste, and the former cyclist are more in love than before and inseparable. In this regard, in fact, the couple decided to take a bigger house together than the one before. Obviously, they both did nothing but show updates about their new home daily.

Cecilia traps the moon, the photo depopulated on the web

The beautiful Argentine appears more in love than ever, in fact, her posts have a more romantic touch than usual. The last photo posted portrays a beautiful sky of a day that is now over. The moon shines and appears as a wedge of mandarin. The showgirl traps her with her hands to make her stand out even more!

What can I say, perhaps before we had never seen this side of the showgirl so romantic and poetic? Also, in the shot, she tagged the account shareerelabellezza. In this period of crisis and imprisonment, Belen’s younger sister wanted to contribute in some way to relieve tension and share with her followers how wonderful the world around us is. In the end, you don’t have to go far to find something beautiful that can calm your soul at least for a while.

A young artist depicted Cecilia and Ignazio in a cartoon version!