Carolina Rey, sweet effusions with him: but the neckline is exaggerated! [PHOTOS]


Carolina Rey indulges in some very sweet effusion: the photo, however, shows a truly exaggerated neckline that strikes at first sight.

A little space must always be left for cuddling in these intense periods, where the time of a pandemic never seems to pass. Affection and cuddles, very often, are the only things that keep us alive. Especially if they come directly from our family members.

Family members, often, cannot even be seen because they are distant between Regions. On the other hand, it is different if the relationship is between a mother and her little guy. As is happening to TV host and actress Carolina Rey.

Always together with her son, she also shares the topical moments of her day on the Instagram channel. In the last photos, she let herself go to sweet effusions. But not only that: the proposed neckline has certainly not gone unnoticed. But, however, was too busy with family games and laughter.

The neckline does not hold: but Carolina Rey is lost in cuddles and laughter


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Carolina, when there is happiness to show, she just can’t contain herself. And it certainly doesn’t hurt them. In the last shot she posted on Instagram she let herself go, as mentioned above, in sweet effusions. she is in the company of her sweet little son and together she plays with it submerged by colored balls.

Not just the game though. Rey shows up with an exaggerated neckline that obviously will have hit the eye of some followers who have always followed her. Neckline or not, she is all for her son and the four images that follow one another on the same post prove it.

Not always in the company of her son though. This is the first shot of the year that she wanted to post on Instagram titling it just like this: 1/365, imprinted in the caption. Carolina, as a mother or not, is always a show.