Veronica Ferraro, a nice surprise gesture from Giorgio Merlino [PHOTO]


Veronica Ferraro receives a surprise gesture from her Giorgio Merlino: fans in delirium, the beautiful influencer reacts like this

Influencer, Chiara Ferragni’s best friend, Veronica Ferraro is one of the hottest girls, on the rise in the world of social networks. Born in 1987 and from Milan, the influencer began her career with the opening of a blog focused on fashion, “ The Fashion Fruit “.

Ferraro, on social media, was often targeted for her physique; decidedly “in the flesh”, she was in fact a victim of cyberbullying but over the years she modeled her body thanks to a very strict diet – 15 kg lost – and a lot of gyms, aided by her historical partner Giorgio Merlino.

Wellbeing and nutrition are themes that are very dear to her, so much so that she has induced her to found a page where she dispenses advice in these fields entitled “ Don’t judge my journey “. Very active and vital, she is also ready to start a new project, a clothing line she has created.

Veronica Ferraro, what sensuality


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She is very active on Instagram, with over a million followers; posted daily and her profile is full of her images of garments of which she is a testimonial. Clothes from brands that associate their name with the influencer. She recently showed off in a bikini showing off a fabulous body wrapped in black mini panties and bra.

Even when dressed, however, she is definitely sexy; often wears clothing without a bra, showing off a fabulous decollete, definitely disturbing for followers. In the last published image, a selfie in the elevator for the beautiful Ferraro revealed to her fans the surprise she received from her Giorgio Merlino.


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The two are physically separated; she in Dubai, she in Los Angeles. The boy then traveled half the world to join his blonde girlfriend in the United Arab Emirates. In the selfie, she wears black sweatpants and a t-shirt of the same color that shows off her belly. A bundle of flowers in hand, the two are not wearing masks.