Valentina Vignali, the dress discovers her from the navel up: wow! [PHOTOS]


Valentina Vignali stands out on her Instagram profile with a very special outfit that discovers her at the right point. Fans do not miss their support among the comments and are amazed

The latest post published by Valentina Vignali seems to have once again captured everyone’s attention on her Instagram profile. The famous basketball player shows a particular outfit between the skirt and the top, remaining uncovered at the height of the abdomen. The girl confirms her extraordinary beauty which is certainly well known to all, after the resounding success achieved in recent years. In fact, she managed to establish herself as a model and as an influencer, carrying on these professions in parallel with her basketball career.

Originally from the province of Rimini, she begins to practice dance but then realizes that her destiny would have been another and lands in the world of basketball. After the first experiences with Cervia in A2, she reaches the highest levels. However, her career in the entertainment world should not be overlooked. Many of you will remember her as a ‘Big Brother’ competitor. In the well-known program, Mediaset has managed to conquer a large slice of the public, thanks to an irrepressible personality and beyond all schemes.

Breathtaking Valentina Vignali on the sofa: the outfit is striking

Vignali’s Instagram profile is obviously very popular and clicked. In the last photo published, the basketball player shows herself in clothes of a decidedly particular green, tending to water. The long skirt ends with black boots to tone down the look. Above a breathtaking top that reveals it on the abdomen. In the caption, the influencer comments with the usual irony: “ I have a belly because I ate 57 salmon tacos”. And the fans go crazy among the comments. One of them does not limit herself and writes: “Che bona!”.