Jolanda De Rienzo, PHOTO from above super sensual: the eye falls right there


The splendid Jolanda De Rienzo drives the people of social media crazy, who with a photo from above brings the followers to look right there

A beautiful Jolanda De Rienzo continues to enthrall the social media people and beyond. In fact, the splendid sports journalist also punctually conquers the audience of Fuorigioco, a sports program in which fans are captivated by its beauty and its stratospheric curves.

On Instagram, before the live Napoli-Fiorentina, the beautiful presenter shows herself to her followers with a photo that makes everyone stare. The neckline wins everyone’s attention and an eye for detail.

Sensual Jolanda De Rienzo before the live show: explosive curves

A special Napoli fan, Jolanda De Rienzo, but also a very good presenter, who always drives her viewers crazy with her ‘Fuorigioco’ program. In fact, the beautiful De Rienzo in addition to her skill also owes her success to her beauty and sensuality, also due to her truly explosive curves.

Today on her Instagram profile she returns with a new selfie, in which she shows herself shortly before the live match between Napoli and Fiorentina, which ended with a 6-0 round in favor of the Neapolitan team. In the photo, she is wearing a black leather dress, with a white blouse open just enough underneath to bring followers to throw their eye right there in the opening, where the most attentive will certainly have noticed a detail, namely the black bra. The presenter, with perfect make-up as always, wishes her followers a good day and also gives them an appointment for the Inter-Juventus match. I like them right from the start they reach 4 thousand, with comments that are filled with compliments.