Chiara Nasti “trap girl” version makes our hearts beat faster [PHOTO]


Chiara Nasti performs in the trap girl version: the Neapolitan is always super sensual, like rain from her followers

Blogger and influencer, Chiara Nasti is one of the most famous girls on the Italian scene, among the most followed top social networks. Neapolitan, born in 1997, her use of social media gives her truly unexpected popularity. Already at 16, through her fashion advice on Facebook, she buys followers; then launches her fashion blog that opens up the world of photo shoots, with contracts signed with the biggest brands.

In the meantime, she launches her brand and, subsequently, also a book, “ Diary of a fashion blogger ” and is the testimonial of the Italian MTV Award. Fashion but not only, because Chiara Nasti also boasts television experience; from the reality show on dance to the Isola Dei Famosi in 2018, but left after a week for nostalgia by her boyfriend at the time, Ugo Abbamonte then left.

In her love life, also flirting with Emis Killa and the footballer Emanuele Borriello, she is currently single after the summer flirtation with Heidenheim midfielder  Niklas Dorsch. Very attached to her family, she has a deep love for her sister, Angela Nasti, who is in 2018 participated in ” Men and Women “.

Chiara Nasti, what a sensuality


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On Instagram, she is a true celebrity; just under two million followers on the popular social network where she often shows herself more provocative than ever. Lover of tattoos, she really has them in every area of ​​the body, including the lower back and breasts, both under and in the middle of the decollete.

And on the popular social network, she is appreciated and followed also and above all for her sometimes “over the top” photos. Chiara Nasti often shows herself in a bikini, with her generous breasts in prominence and in the foreground for a truly creepy effect. And recently she also performed topless, with only jeans on and her arms covering the decollete.

Skimpy, minimal bikinis for an “all on the show” that often leaves all the girl’s fans breathless. In the last image, however, she is definitely covered, in the “Trap girl” version. She is sitting on a ladder and wearing a purple jumpsuit with white inserts, the same colors as the shoes of a well-known sportswear brand.


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Her long blonde hair looses up to breast height, piercing and provocative gaze, and left hand on her head for a truly devastating effect.