Chiara Ferragni sticks out her tongue and enchants the web: the PHOTOS drive fans crazy


Chiara Ferragni increasingly at the top on Instagram: enchant the web, the crazy followers on social networks. The tongue is creepy

She is the most famous influencer in Italy, one of the most important in the world Chiara Ferragni, whose notoriety has crossed national borders, even becoming a TV series her life and career. first, to believe in the potential of social networks, Ferragni has built a real empire.

Defining her an influencer, in fact, is an understatement, because the Cremonese is also an entrepreneur, without forgetting how brands compete to associate their name with that of the girl. Everything you wear is trendy; married to Fedez, the two have a son Leone, and another on the way.

The Ferragni, in fact, is pregnant and is documenting the steps of her pregnancy on Instagram, where she is very active and boasts 22 million followers. Always traveling to advertise luxury resorts, Chiara is very attached to her family.

Chiara Ferragni at the top on Instagram

Her profile is studded with photos in which she appears with her son Leone, attracting – for this reason – also numerous criticisms from those who do not consider it appropriate to publish images of small children on social networks. The child occupies an important part of her life, but there is no shortage of photos with Fedez or with sisters and friends.

Very active in the social field, Ferragni recently received the Ambrogino d’oro for having collaborated – through crowdfunding – in the recovery of sums of money to build the Hospital in Fiera in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, last spring.

On Instagram, however, it is also shown without veils. Just during pregnancy, with her belly getting bigger, she published photos in which she appeared only in underwear or even topless, also receiving some criticism too many here. Her feminist message was not appreciated by most, with Ferragni who, of course, went straight on her way as she always did.