“You are irresponsible”: Kate and William in trouble for this gesture


“You are irresponsible”. Kate and William again fall into controversy. Their gesture cannot go unnoticed

There is no peace for the Dukes of Cambridge. By now they seem to be in the crosshairs of controversy and in their life, there is no longer room for tranquility. Price to pay for the position you fill. What happened so hot? Once again it comes to the anti-Covid rules. From the news that is learned, the couple went to Edinburgh despite the Scottish government had banned it.

“Visiting eight locations in three days is a totally irresponsible gesture”. These are the words of Deidre Brock, exponent of the Scottish National Party. All attempts to dissuade them have been in vain and Kate and William have done their own thing. Their response to the accusations received is that the authorities had been warned and that all anti-contagion regulations were followed during their movements.

Kate and William, the Sussex trip

Among the plans of Kate Middleton and William of England is to join her brother for a tour in the United States. The gesture is seen as a pause after turbulent waters in the family. Their last trip to America dates back to 2014 when in a few days they visited New York and Washington. On that occasion, they also visited Barack Obama.

In their planning and joy in being able to return to those places they love so much, there is also a stop at the Sussex. Exactly one year ago, Harry and Meghan announced their senior resignation from the royal family. The choice of his brother was not taken well by William and the gesture, terrible for him, has greatly damaged their relations, already not the best from the start.

2021 should be the year of recovery and the end of this terrible situation. Or at least that’s what many are hoping for. Who knows if it turns out to be the year for the reconciliation between William and his brother Harry.