Valentina Vignali without makeup after the shower: “Only truth” [VIDEO]


Valentina Vignali without filters shows herself without makeup after a shower. Post stories in a bathrobe while talking about skincare.

The Italian casita and influencer, Valentina Vignali, is best known for her sympathy and outspokenness. From an early age, she dedicated herself to sports, playing in various women’s basketball teams, but in 2012 she had to stop due to a tumor that she defeated. Vignali is also passionate about television, the girl participated in Maria De Filippi’s program, Men and Women, back in 2011 as a suitor of Francesco Monte.

Recently, in 2019, she took part in the Big Brother edition and then sat on the sofas of Federica Panicucci, in Mattino Cinque as a columnist. La cestita is also known for its love affairs, after the troubled history with Stefano Laudoni, now it seems to have found love in the arms of the photographer Lorenzo Orlandi. The couple has been together for almost two years, since before Vignali entered the Big Brother house.

Valentina Vignali fearlessly shows off her make-up after a shower [PHOTO]

Valentina stands out for her genuineness and honesty, and for this very reason, she is often criticized on the web. But its 2.3 million followers appreciate it for this very reason. Yesterday Vignali posted some stories completely removed, ” Vignali Verità “, in a bathrobe while carrying out her skincare. The influencer talked about some products that she mainly uses to fight imperfections, such as pimples and blackheads, approaching the camera, and showing his.

Valentina’s truth puts everything in perspective and makes us understand that even the most loved and followed influencers have imperfections just like ” mere mortals ” and that we shouldn’t be ashamed of them. This is certainly a point in favor of the basketball player who, without fearing external judgment, continues to show herself for what she is, without filters or minuses.

La cestita is also very popular for fashion and beaty’s advice, but above all for the photos that highlight her breathtaking physique.