Tina Cipollari, how much does the icon of Men and Women earn? Beyond belief


Tina Cipollari is the columnist of Men and Women: the blonde Viterbo receives a super fee to participate in the broadcast

Tina Cipollari is one of the standard-bearers of Men and Women, leading broadcast of early afternoon ratings, a real unmissable event for many young people. The program Maria De Filippi is a certainty of Canale 5, with millions of viewers glued in front of the TV to discover the evolution of the “stories” of ironists and suitors.

And the show has launched many faces, now well-known on the Italian scene, into the world of entertainment. From Costantino Vitagliano – a pioneer – together with Daniele Interrante to Giulia De Lellis, from Francesco Arca to Francesco Monte, up to Rosa Perrotta, Serena Enardu, and Andrea Damante, among others.

Among the certainties of the transmission, there is of course Tina Cipollari. The woman, together with Gianni Sperti, holds the role of the columnist and sits next to the terrorists, both in the “classic” and in the “over” section. And Tina is a real star of the show, untouchable and loved by fans.

Tina Cipollari, the scary cachet

Her quarrels with Gemma Galgani, in fact, her nemesis, are famous, with even rather hard clashes. Over the years, however, she has spared no criticism and attacks on the various participants, and her phrase ” No Maria, I go out ” is famous, which has now become commonplace.

Viterbese, born in 1965, Maria Concetta Cipollari at the registry office, in the transmission she appeared as a suitor, then as a tronista, before joining the fixed cast of the transmission. Since 2008, after a brief visit to Rai, she has occupied her position as a columnist.

Tina, always frank and sincere (perhaps too much), according to many rumors earns a very substantial figure for her role in the broadcast. It seems, in fact, that her earnings are between one thousand and two thousand euros per episode, a truly remarkable figure.

Three children and marriage ended with the hairstylist Kiko, with whom relations are good again, at the moment she has a new partner, the entrepreneur Vincenzo Ferrara with whom she lives a love story certified also by the photos on social media .