Roberta Morise, the dress goes down and she reads a book to us [PHOTO]


The beautiful Roberta Morise has published a post with a dress that gives her a lot and in the caption, a text taken from a book. Gorgeous!

The beautiful Roberta Morise shows her “literary” side more and more. In several posts, she wrote some pieces taken from books. In the last one, it is “The girl with the genius – In quarantine” by Marianna Bonavolontà. For a deep text, you also need a nice photo and Roberta has nothing to learn about this.

Beautiful and natural wearing a short, light pink dress. An intense look that, together with the words of the book, make it even more fascinating. Her followers remain speechless not only for her beauty but also for her simplicity and depth at the same time. Uncommon image for a social network such as Instagram. But simplicity, after all, is a weapon that always wins.


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Roberta Morise, among the cast of “Detto Fatto”

Among the comments of her latest post, a fan-made reference to her presence in the cast of the program Detto FattoIn the transmission conducted by Bianca Guaccero, Roberta could have a space dedicated to music, her favorite subject. This year could therefore reserve a return to Rai.

It is not the first time for her. A few years ago she had joined Giancarlo Magali in the transmission I Fatti Vostri. Her presence, however, was there for two seasons, then was replaced by Samantha Togni. For this occasion, there were many controversies, so much so that even the conductor Magali, made it clear that her exclusion did not depend on her.

Now it’s time to go back to Rai and Roberta, she is very happy to be able to do it following her greatest passion: music. Recently, she released the cover of one of Rino Gaetano’s most famous songs, A mano. The famous program, Detto Fatto, has restarted with great events. The return itself is already an event since it was suspended for a while after the controversy over the tutorial on “How to shop in a sexy way”.