Karina Cascella, after the no to Ilary Blasi the indiscretion: “I’ll think about it”


Karina Cascella has refused again to be part of the cast of the new edition of the Island of the famous, opens the doors to another reality show

Karina Cascella in the past few hours was a guest at  Casa Chi, among other things she made it known that she will not participate in the new edition of the Island of the famous, she had already revealed it recently to  Giornalettismo.

The well-known columnist and influencer have revealed that it is not the first time that he has refused the proposal to participate in the Island of the famous, he said that the production of the reality show asks him every year. La Cascella said she was sorry for her constant refusals because it would be a job with an excellent contract, but she reiterated that she refuses for her daughter. In fact, Karina does not feel like getting so far away from her daughter Ginevra and that is why she will not land in Honduras.

Karina Cascella continues to refuse the island but could evaluate the possibility of participating in the  Big Brother Vip. She herself said that if next year they offered it to her the percentage would be low, but being closer she would think about it. Instead, he would gladly accept another role, that of columnist at the Gf or the Island.

Karina Cascella at Gf Vip? “I’ll think about it”, however, he would like to be a columnist

Karina Cascella bluntly said that she would have been perfect in the role of Antonella Elia, she thinks that everyone should do what they are good at. The well-known columnist revealed that she doesn’t like Pupo as a columnist, she thinks his jokes are not funny and his interventions out of time. He then added: “Then the Elijah… guys really? I hope that the production will soon understand that I am perfect in that role “.

Valerio Palmeri told her that Elia has won the role of columnist by being the first competitor. He then asked her why she doesn’t want to take the risk. La Cascella said she did not apply for the Gf Vip, but she repeated that she could think about it with respect to the island.

Karina Cascella said she knew she would be a perfect competitor and that’s why the authors contact her. She is convinced that it would set off interesting dynamics. Before making such a choice, however, she must be sure. Therefore he will not participate in the island, but as regards the Big Brother Vip he will think about it.