Giulia De Lellis, “special” midnight with a breathtaking dress [PHOTO]


For Giulia De Lellis it is special midnight. All perfect for a sweet moment and in her post she showed what it is all about

The long-awaited midnight. This time, however, it is not the expectation for the arrival of the new year, but for the 25th birthday of Giulia De Lellis. The perfect celebration for the famous influencer. From the balloons to the flowers and to her outfit, everything is strictly on the theme and with perfectly matched colors.

The very first part of her birthday was celebrated with her new love: Carlo Beretta. The two seem to love each other madly and what would she not do to see her beloved Giulia happy? Among the comments, there are many fans who have wished her on her birthday and said how lucky she is to have a boy like this. There are also obviously those who have been more naughty and said that “ Every year a new boyfriend. Who will be the next?”.


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Giulia De Lellis, her super expensive “gift car”

The best gifts are the ones one buys for oneself. Giulia De Lellis has also opted for this option. Today is the influencer’s birthday and for her 25 years, she has decided to treat herself to something very, very expensive. The choice was documented as always in her Instagram stories.

What is it about? She had long wanted it and now the right time has come to buy it. This is the very expensive Hermès Kelly. The price of the bag ranges from 10 thousand to 100 thousand euros. The color chosen by Giulia and her followers is “Rosa baby”, but the bag has been ordered in the meantime. In fact, the purchase takes place only on order and it is first necessary to put yourself on the waiting list, then, arm yourself with patience because before having it, even a year can pass.

The influencer said she “deserved this gift”, her year was certainly complicated if a gift of thousands and thousands of euros was needed to cheer up her spirits. However, her followers are willing to forgive her for everything!