Eleonora Boi shows her neckline: “Eyes… football” [PHOTOS]


Eleonora Boi is ready to go on air with another episode of Occhi di Calcio, but first, she shows herself in a very hot photo: super neckline.

Football and sensuality now go hand in hand. Especially since TV shows go crazy in our lives. Many more women, then, enter the world of football today. Both professionals, commentators, Vallette, and so on. Each with its role. And that’s just that good.

One way to try to get noticed, even at the level of conduction or assent, is certainly to open an Instagram channel and try to put as much content as possible within the digital platform. The beautiful Eleonora Boi knows this well.

The sports journalist is very active on social media, but not only. On Thursday evenings, she hosts a sports broadcast called Soccer Eyes, on the Twitch platform. But before going on air, she gives her followers a breathtaking shot.

Before the live show comes the super neckline: the increasingly beautiful Boi

When everyone is getting ready to see her directly on Twitch, she appears, once again, on Instagram. Half an hour before the live broadcast, she is posing, for a truly sensual shot. It shows a neckline, to say the least, risque and invites you to follow it in its container where we talk about the sport most followed by Italians: Football eyes.

Many of her followers, in fact, are also huge fans of teams such as Lazio, Rome, Juventus, Milan, Inter, and Cagliari itself, the birthplace of Eleonora Boi. More and more esteemed and appreciated, she tries to give a hard time to some of her colleagues much more popular than her. Any reference to people is… purely causal!

She lives in Atlanta, in the state of Georgia, where chaos reigned supreme until a few days ago (in relation to the US elections). However, she focuses on the Italian ice cream shop she found outside her house. And sponsors her dressed in yellow.