Elena Morali shows the new Fabulous tattoo: “Sober huh?” [VIDEO]


Influencer and showgirl, Elena Morali, picks Fabulous by showing her followers her boyfriend’s new tattoo. What has the Neapolitan tattooed herself? 

A very controversial character who can talk a lot about herself, Elena Morali, these days has reopened a chapter in her life that has caused her a lot of pain. In fact, she recently talked about her previous romance. The Bergamo-based woman has been engaged for years to the television host and comedian Gianluca Fubelliaka Scintilla.

Their relationship didn’t end in the best way. In fact, the 30-year-old betrayed the Roman by giving in to passion and embarking on an affair with Daniele Di Lorenzo. Unfortunately, even with the latter, there was no happy ending. In any case, Morali, thinking back to the mistake made against Fubelli, stated that if she could go back she would be more sincere with her ex.

The influencer makes fun of Fabulous: “Very original right?”

After the rather turbulent relationship lived with ScintillaElena continued to be attracted to very fluctuating situations. In fact, her love affair with Luigi Favoloso is the main topic of discussion in the various gossip television salons. It can be said that D’Urso did a whole season thanks to them. You never know in what terms they are, but lately, it seems the situation has stabilized.

Already at the end of last year, Elena and Luigi announced their return of the flame and have been unhoped-for ever since. They have a lot of fun together, and this is demonstrated by the continuous stories that Morali publishes on her social profile. Esemplare is the last video shared by the woman from Bergamo in which she makes fun of her boyfriend for her new tattoo. It seems that the 30-year-old doesn’t really appreciate what she has chosen to tattoo, nor the style she ironically describes as sober.