Caterina Balivo lying in the tub with stiletto heels: “I prepare myself” [PHOTO]


The well-known TV presenter, Caterina Balivo, publishes a photo that attracts the attention of many followers. What is she doing in the tub in heels?

The TV presenterCaterina Balivo, Neapolitan by birth, but Roman by adoption. In fact, precisely for work reasons, the bell had to move to the capital that is now its home. In the last few days, she has shared a very nostalgic post with followers.

She is on the street while she tells of a desolate and sad Rome. She writes that her heart tightens to see places, which were previously so populated, to be so empty. Her words perfectly describe the historical moment we are experiencing, a period of strong crisis, but which we will surely be able to defeat together.

Caterina Balivo and her favorite place: “This is my happiness”

Although she previously shared with her followers the nostalgia for a populated and lively Rome, it seems that Caterina certainly does not mind the evenings at home. In fact, in her last post, she writes that she can’t wait to spend another weekend in her sweet home. In the photo, she appears fully dressed, with crazy make-up and stiletto heels.

What seems out of place is the location which actually makes the photo more likable, in line with the personality of the presenter. In fact, the Neapolitan is lying in the tub of her house while wearing a pair of tight jeans, a metallic bodice, and a black jacket. Her curly hair is left free by framing her face with typical southern features.

The nostalgic Balivo tells of a sad and silent Rome as she had never seen it before!