Billie Eilish shows us her legs and reveals a little secret [PHOTOS]


Billie Eilish appears on Instagram in a somewhat strange pose: showing her legs. Then, in the caption, she reveals a secret that leaves everyone speechless.

By now, social networks have become a showcase for everyone. Especially for VIPs, who try to put themselves in full view showing talents and more. On Instagram, above all, showgirls and influencers go crazy at all hours of the day and night, sometimes without respite.

In the last few hours, however, an American singer-songwriter has also come to the fore, who has entered the music that counts in the last 4 years, at only 15 years of age. We speak, of course, of Billie Eilish.

Everyone remembers how she became famous and how her career began: it was 2016 and with her single Ocean Eyes, depopulated on Spotify, she began her climb into the music that matters. Every so often, however, especially on her Instagram channel, she delights her followers with somewhat strange and bizarre shots. In the last one it has moved, revealing also a secret.

Billie Eilish’s secret revealed through a photo: legs crossed on the stairs of the house


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Show your legs on the stairs at home. No half bust, but above all, no face on the “cover” as often happens. Billie is in a secret version. Indeed, the secret is what she reveals on her own profile, in the caption, next to the photo: “I haven’t slept since Sunday”. More than a secret it looks like a confession. Maybe a little sleep wouldn’t hurt her.

The followers, however, cheer her as always and try to communicate with her through the comments, with the most bizarre and sporadic questions of the moment. Sometimes she answers, sometimes she doesn’t.


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Here she is, however, the “green and black” version, half of her hair green, half black. The version that literally drives her followers crazy. Many also try to emulate it, between looks and clothing.