Bianca Guaccero celebrates like this: vertiginous split and hot pose [PHOTO]


Bianca Guaccero celebrates her birthday: the gap is dizzying, her legs on display for the Industrie of “Detto Fatto”

She is presenter, presenter but she is a well-rounded showgirl Bianca Guaccero, with a past also as an actress and singer. In recent years she has been a regular presence on TV; cheers the afternoons of Italians with ” Detto Fatto “, the program full of tutorials and guests broadcast at 3 pm.

And just the container of Rai 2, a few weeks ago, ended up in the center of the storm for a tutorial defined as not adequate. In fact, in a tutorial, a girl taught women how to be provocative and take sexy poses in the supermarket. A situation that created numerous controversies up to the suspension of the transmission decided by the top management of the State Company.

The stop period – exaggerated in our opinion – was however really short, with the program back in its place. And Guaccero through social media has repeatedly apologized for that “slip”. The Apulian, however, we also remember her in the fiction ” Capri “, alongside Sergio Assisi, but her theatrical career, also full of successes, should not be forgotten.

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Guaccero is very popular and last season she also conducted “Una Storia da cantare” from the Naples studios, paired with Enrico Ruggeri; three shows dedicated to the greats of Italian music. From a sentimental point of view, however, the presenter is currently single.

Very reserved, she has a daughter and a shipwrecked marriage behind her. Very active on Instagram, she alternates photos showing herself in the studios of “ Detto Fatto ” with others in decidedly sexy poses. She recently published a post in which she wears a decidedly low-cut white tank top that leaves the tattoo on her shoulder blade and, above all, her decollete uncovered.

A really impressive photo, like the last one with which she wanted to celebrate her 40 years. On her feet, she has a huge cake in her hands and is intent on blowing out the candles. She wears a strapless black and white mini dress that shows off her perfect legs.