Belen Rodriguez, the post for lovers of legs [PHOTO]


Belen Rodriguez arrives in the heart, on Instagram, and posts a shot for all leg lovers: the dedication is for Argentine music and beyond.

Who said that in the hours of the night it must necessarily sleep? There is someone who prefers to stay awake until the last minute, only to leave everyone speechless. This happens especially for showgirls, influencers, and actresses of the moment. Those who post all kinds of photos at any time.

One above all is definitely Belen Rodriguez. The Argentine showgirl is very active on social networks. Her Instagram channel has 9.7 million followers. For the whole of 2021, her goal is to reach 10 million and go in double figures.

To do this, however, you need some really risque photos, which highlight a specific part of the body. Not necessarily an intimate part, but also one that attracts sensuality in a different way, like a black and white ankle.

Show her legs in the middle of the night: Belen Rodriguez ready to dance


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Di Sciuro is not Cinderella. The shoe does not lose it before midnight. On the contrary: she holds it tightly and shows it late at night, where everyone sleeps except her. The post is in black and white, but it doesn’t matter. For Belen what counts is love and tango, the Argentine one. Her passions are revealed at the moment, through a detachment that makes the lovers of legs and dance-happy.

Some followers are still awake, but in the hours of the night, there are the most bizarre, and even embarrassing, comments that could exist. Seeing is believing. Belen, however, continues to show her legs.

As mentioned earlier, in the last few shots shoes and legs are in fashion. Especially the ankles. Could it be that Belen will be preparing for some beautiful Argentine ballad in some upcoming appearance on television?