Anna Falchi, the hot announcement on Lazio-Rome: “Only the mask”


Unreleased Friday of the championship today. Tonight in a sadly deserted Olympic stadium the Lazio-Roma derby will be staged with an exceptional fan Anna Falchi. Who made a “hot” promise.

The penultimate day of the first round that opens tonight, at the Olympic stadium, with the derby of the capital. Lazio and Rome will compete on the field for important points to continue the run-up to the very first positions in the standings. Both teams have started a good series of consecutive positive results and it will be essential for both to win in order not to lose the train of their rivals. A match that will attract the attention of the fans and that is giving away not only the 3 points and the football ” honor ” of the city but also important ” sexy ” promises.

Like the one made by Anna Falchi, a super Lazio fan who in 2000 improvised a striptease when the Biancocelesti won the championship on the last day against Juve. The actress and former showgirl, speaking to the microphones of a Lazio radio, made her promise in case of success in tonight’s derby.

Anna Falchi and the “striptease” for Lazio-Rome


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Anna Falchi seemed decidedly convinced: in the case of Lazio’s victory in the match against Roma she is willing to undress. The Finnish-born actress did not say it openly and explicitly, but her promise is still unequivocal: “I’m ready to dress only with a mask ” she confesses, then the solution in case of “censorship” by Instagram: ” In the event that social networks were to ban the image I will wear a mask”.

The wait then skyrockets for this evening’s derby. We are sure that Anna Falchi, with her declarations, has pushed many neutral fans to lean towards the Biancocelesti for the derby capital.

A nice way to curry favor with those who would have attended the race in a neutral way. To see if Anna Falchi will keep her word now we just have to wait for the final triple whistle.