Rossella Fiamingo, play of lights and a dreamy gaze: so beautiful [PHOTO]


The dreamy look of the fencer Rossella Fiamingo enchants all the people of Instagram. A crazy play of light, for a really beautiful face.

There are looks that enchant as soon as they are observed. Today, then, with the web and social networks at hand, it is much easier to observe them. They are there, at your fingertips, and with a click, just follow whoever you like to be always updated. And the social of social media, in these facts, is Instagram, ready to provide stories after stories.

One of the last really beautiful stories was presented by Rossella Fiamingo, the Italian fencer who specialized in the sword. The first, in the women’s field, to take a medal at the Olympic Games, the silver one in Rio de Janeiro.

Fiamingo, born in 1991 in Catania, 30 years old in a few months, is also very active on social networks, especially on Instagram, where very often it delights its followers with shots beyond the sword and the sport itself. More elegant than ever, in the last few hours she has put her face in full view.

The gaze penetrates: Rossella Fiamingo has fun with the play of light

All crazy for Rossella Fiamingo. The beautiful fencer shows up on Instagram with the “sun in her face”. A perfect play of light. It takes the best angle and shows itself in all its beauty. Beautiful and good.

Who knows what her followers who follow her, every day, with more interest and affection, will have commented on her in the story. Rossella, in addition to being a great sportswoman, is surprisingly beautiful and does not hold back in showing it to everyone.

Here she is, in fact, during her training. Always on the “track” when there is a duel. She never backs down, also because she is a world champion. Someone, in the comments, writes: “Beautiful and good”, and can not be blamed.