Roberta Morise, the tight-fitting body lets you imagine everything: absurd [PHOTO]


The beautiful presenter Roberta Morise posted a photo on social media that surprised her fans. Gorgeous with a tight bodysuit

An extraordinary Roberta Morise posted a photo that her fans really liked. A sincere smile and wearing a body so tight that you can perfectly imagine its beautiful shapes. The image is accompanied by a verse taken from a book by Erri De Luca, The fish do not close their eyes.

The beautiful presenter even ventured a small modification of the lines, instead of writing “ I stopped to look at her. The white dress, a Margherita in the ear, a smell different from that of almonds… ”, Roberta has seen fit to replace the white color with the coral color. Same as her super tight leotard. Beautiful as always!


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Roberta Morise, what’s with Alberto Matano

The presenter Roberta Morise is the ex-girlfriend of Carlo Conti, but her comment on a post by the presenter Alberto Matano, gave the world of the web to think. The two are both excellent Rai presenters, even if in the past Alberto has had to deal with accusations by Lorella Cuccarini.

The presenter in fact stated that Alberto ” is a male chauvinist with an immense ego “. But it’s best to go ahead and proceed with the story. In a post on the occasion of the new year, Alberto Matano wished everyone a good 2021 and among the comments, appears that of Roberta Morise who wrote “ Auguri Mio Marì “, or husband. Their audience immediately began to rejoice.

However, another dig comes from Costantino Della Gherardesca. In fact, one of her New Year’s resolutions is to marry Alberto Matano. During the program Dancing with the Stars, Costantino always had the well-known Rai presenter on her side. Out of sympathy, Costantino then decided to “reveal” (in a joking way) her hope of marriage between them. The web also enjoyed imagining them as newlyweds in this new year. Long live the newlyweds … but which ones?


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