Lucia Javorcekova, sweet effusions with her: the pareo is all transparent [PHOTO]


Lucia Javorcekova is the protagonist of some shots in which she gets lost in sweet effusions. In the background the sea, in the foreground its beauty.

Lucia Javorcekova, from Mexico, continues to enchant her fans with head-turning photographs. Having become famous for the explosiveness of her forms, the Polish model almost always publishes photographs in underwear or costume that show her body in all its splendor.

This time, however, sensuality has given way to sweetness. The beautiful Lucia has published a shot in which she appears in the company of her daughter and with the Mexican sea behind her like a frame.

Lucia Javorcekova very sweet in the company of her daughter

Javorcekova dedicated beautiful words to her daughter who, despite being only 7 years old, is already as gorgeous as her mother. ” A bond that can never be undone,” writes the model to accompany two photos in which mother and daughter appear first embraced while looking at the sea, then hold hands looking into each other’s eyes.

The famous Polish model got married very young, at just 24 years old, with Pavol Jarveck, and their first and up to now, the only daughter was born from their union. The three often appear together and super close-knit on Lucia’s profile who is very close to her family.

Although the shot expresses mostly sweetness, Javorcekova still looks super sexy. The white swimsuit creates a beautiful contrast with the tan from the Mexican sun. Under the sarong, her body is perfect, as you can see very well in every photo by scrolling her profile.

After all, the model who became famous at the time of the web smash “Escile” and star of two sexy calendars, has staked everything on her body and has definitely done well.


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