Costanza Caracciolo crouched looking at the horizon: crazy panorama [PHOTO]


Costanza Caracciolo is immortalized while crouching and looking at the horizon. Crazy panorama as she is from behind. Then comes the question.

Of these, a breath of fresh air is pure life. We must find every possible way to try to regenerate the body, mind, and soul. Never as in this period have we felt the need and we will continue to feel it for another, very long period.

So, the best thing to do is to take your space and your moments. Just like Costanza Caracciolo did in the last shot posted on the official Instagram channelThe showgirl, lately, is lost in thoughts, a bit like everyone else.

And when she gets lost in thoughts she prefers to turn herself to the horizon, as if she were looking for some answer. But not just the thoughts in her head. When Caracciolo gets going, and she does it great, then a series of questions also start, especially for her followers. This time the answer to her question had to be dry.

On the horizon looking towards the sea: the Caracciolo is in the background


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Look towards the sea. This is the place where Costanza Caracciolo goes when she wants to get lost in her thoughts and reflections on life. Not a bad place, with a breathtaking view. But she too, crouched, reflects all the beauty of the shot.

Then, in the caption, comes the question: “And what team are you from? Sea or mountain? “. Needless to say: many of her followers respond by turning their gaze towards the sea, just like her. Even if someone says they have changed their minds on the mountain. Maybe after a pleasant vacation.

By now he’s got a taste for questions. Here, it is facing the Christmas tree. Away everything immediately, or keep it until laziness leaves our body? The followers, in this case, split in two.


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