Chiara Nasti, is the new tattoo too risque? The influencer reacts like this


Chiara Nasti got a new tattoo yesterday, so many criticisms and insults received, here’s what she got tattooed

Chiara Nasti returns to be talked about, the beautiful and increasingly popular fashion blogger has got a new tattoo. Yesterday she had already let her many fans know that she was the tattoo artist, in her Instagram Stories she had also posted a video while she was doing the tattoo, above the lower back.

Nasti has tattooed her Instagram nickname ‘ Nastilove ‘, the writing is very showy and is done in Gothic characters. It was her tattoo artist who posted the photo of the fashion blogger on her Instagram profile. The new tattoo of Chiara many did not like it, there is in fact, who called it gaudy, vulgar, trash, and more.

There are also those who accused her of copying Emily Ratajkowski. The beautiful model in that same part of the body has in fact tattooed the word ‘Emrata’ long ago.

Chiara Nasti, criticism and insults for the new tattoo, she blurts out on Instagram

After reading the criticisms and insults received  Chiara Nasti was unable to remain silent. The well-known influencer let herself go to a vent on her Instagram profile saying that she reads absurd things. According to her, people should stop entering other people’s lives because they are nobody to do it.

Chiara Nasti received heavy criticism and insults due to her latest tattoo. Visibly annoyed to all those who follow her she said that if she decided to get a tattoo of a piece of shit she would do it without giving a damn about everything and everyone. According to her, there are much weaker people and they have to stop fucking them.

Nasti apologized for the terms used but thinks they have reached the limits of the absurd after everything they write to her. The beloved influencer concluded her outburst by wishing everyone a good life by saying that despite everything she wishes them the best. A little while ago Chiara Nasti in her Instagram stories posted the photo of her new tattoo, probably to prove once again to everyone that she doesn’t care what others think.