Simona Ventura, the confession about the future worries her fans [PHOTOS]


Simona Ventura thinks about the future, on Instagram she worries her many fans with her questions, here’s what the beloved presenter said

To attract not a little attention in the last hours  Simona Ventura. The beloved presenter yesterday evening posted a photo of her on Instagram to which she added a long caption where she talks about the future, wonders what will happen.

He told his many fans that she doesn’t know if he’s happy. On the one hand, it is because she has a man who loves her and who loves her totally, she has three wonderful children and a very close family. Ventura then made it known that in 2021 the work will also give her great and important satisfaction. On the other hand, however, Simona made it known that like everyone else she is anxious about the future.

Simona Ventura wonders what will happen and what the future will be like, with her words she worried the many fans who follow and support her every day. The presenter immediately after, however, added that even if she could not give an answer to her questions, she wants to think that both she and everyone else will continue to believe in it and never give up.

Simona Venuta asks herself questions about the future, then encourages fans to never give up

Thinking about how the future will be  Simona Ventura seemed to have let herself be overwhelmed by a moment of despair. The well-known presenter, however, once again showed her positive side to all those who follow her, trying to make it clear how important it is never to give up.

In the caption of her last post, Ventura made it known that from a working point of view the year that has just started will give her a lot of satisfaction. His followers can’t wait to find out what it is. The presenter has always been very loved and followed on television, but she is also on social media. Today on his Instagram profile she has 1.7 million followers.

At the age of 55, Simona Ventura is more and more beautiful and seductive, her many fans never miss an opportunity to pay her lots of compliments. His posts are always full of likes, even the last photo posted a few hours ago has not just captured the attention of fans. The presenter worried them a bit with her doubts about the future, but she also encouraged them to always believe in it and never give up.