Matilde Brandi, spicy transparencies and vertiginous slit: beautiful [PHOTO]


Matilde Brandi enchants her many fans with her beauty and sensuality, the transparencies of the dress and the depth make the web go crazy

Matilde Brandi is more and more beautiful and seductive, a little while ago she posted a series of shots on Instagram that are driving her many and loyal fans crazy.

Brandi participated in the fifth edition of  Big Brother VipSince she was eliminated she has been a regular presence in the studio during the evening shows. Each time the former gieffina enchants everyone with her beauty and sensuality.

Last night  Matilde Brandi was as beautiful as ever, in the post published just now on Instagram she showed everyone the dress she wore for the 32nd episode of the reality show. A long and elegant black dress with a dizzying slit that highlighted her stunning legs. Another detail did not go unnoticed by the fans, on the chest the dress is transparent.

Matilde Brandi seductive on Instagram, the post sends the web into a frenzy

Matilde Brandi is once again inflaming the web with her sensual shots. The former gieffina is increasingly loved and appreciated on social media, to date on Instagram she is followed by 425 thousand followers.

In the caption of the post, the former gieffina announced to her fans that she will do a live Instagram tonight to comment on what happened during yesterday’s episode. Her fans before paying attention to what she wrote in the post, however, were enchanted by its beauty.

In the shots  Matilde Brandi is very seductive, the transparencies of the dress and the deep slit are driving her many followers crazy. In a short time, the post has already conquered many likes and comments full of compliments. The former gieffina often sends the web into a frenzy with her spicy photos that highlight her fairytale body, Brandi is breathtakingly beautiful.