Levante “provokes” fans like this: miniskirt with half-closed legs [PHOTO]


Levante wears a very short skirt that leaves her legs ajar, the shot posted on Instagram sends the web haywire

Levante returns to attract the attention of all those who follow and love her on Instagram. Yesterday evening the beloved and well-known singer provoked everyone, she posted a photo of her wearing a very short skirt.

In the photo posted last night on her Instagram profile, the singer has her legs ajar, the provocative shot sent the web into a tailspin. Once again she managed to capture the interest of her many followers, in fact, it is not the first time that she conquers everyone with her spicy and sensual shots.

Levante never goes unnoticed thanks to its particular looks and its beauty. Her body is fabulous, but the singer doesn’t often publish photos where she highlights her perfect physical shape, but when she does it drives her many fans crazy.

Rising provocative on Instagram, the shot drives fans crazy

In addition to being a talented successful singer, Levante is also much loved and followed on social media. In fact, on her Instagram profile to date, she has 876 thousand followers, these always fill her with likes and comments full of affection and compliments.

He has always had a particular style, hardly adapts to the fashion of the moment. For her performances and her routine she always wears very particular clothes that manage to make her stand out every time. Every now and then on her Instagram profile, she also posts some spicy shots where she highlights her screaming body.

The last shot posted last night drove her many fans crazy. Levante provoked them with a miniskirt that leaves her legs ajar. The photo has already won almost 29,000 likes and lots of compliments.