Jori Delli, nothing under the “tent”: the image is a real bomb [PHOTO]


The model of Albanian origin, Jori Delli, publishes a photo completely undressed but hidden behind a curtain. The fans went crazy.

The model and streamer Jori Delli is winning a lot of acclaims, among those who worship her for her physical appearance and those who understand her potential that goes beyond her statuesque physique. The young woman of Albanian origins achieved success by participating in some television posts and for her relationship, now over, with Simone Camolese, son of the former Turin coach. She had her first relationship at 17 with her best friend, who she didn’t even like that much.

The girl was a guest of some Twitch with the YouTuber and streamer Andrea Hakimi and shortly after she also landed on the Amazon platform. Jori immediately hit record peaks, coming behind the most followed and famous streamers in Italy. For the uninitiated, Twitch is a streaming platform that focuses mainly on gaming. In fact, it is not yet understood what the model’s channel will focus on.

Jori Delli hides behind the curtain, but something can be seen [PHOTO]

Jori Delli is not only a famous streamer, before turning to the Twitch platform, the 25-year-old posed for several photoshoots and even participated in some sports programs. Many will remember her as the girl in the private room dedicated to the transfer market program, because of this many had mistaken her for a journalist. The Delli, however, has always promptly denied these rumors.

The model is very popular on Instagram where she posts photos and videos of her private life and has a following of nearly 300,000 followers. The girl’s last post literally drove her fans crazyDelli immortalized herself behind a transparent curtain completely undressed. The Milanese holds the fabric with her hands resting on her breast and looks straight and fearless into the lens. Needless to say, the photo reached the like record in a few hours.

Jori cares very much about her physical, the working tool, and often public pictures while training with outfits that wrap the body and highlight its forms.