Damiano Carrara comes out with his girlfriend: beautiful! [PHOTOS]


One of the most famous and most beautiful chefs on TV, Damiano Carrara, posted a photo in the company of his girlfriend. Gorgeous!

On Instagram, the famous and beloved Real Time chef Damiano Carrara broke the hearts of his many fans. The handsome pastry chef posted a photo in the company of a beautiful woman. Well yes! This is his girlfriend. Virtually nothing is known about her, in addition, there is no tag in the photo. Taking a tour on the famous social network, some would refer to a private profile “Chiaracandym”.

This is not really a novelty. During the Christmas period under the Christmas tree, Damiano posted some shots in the company of a beautiful blonde whose face you couldn’t see well. Her fans may have hoped it wasn’t her better half, but the post confirmed it all. The first reaction of all? “Shock”!

The new conquest of chef Damiano

The well-known pastry chef Damiano Carrara, won many listeners for the Cake Star program presented by him together with Katia Folles. A good fifty percent of the conquest is given by its incredible charm. So for him to become popular on TV and on social media was a breeze. Appreciation from the female audience is flying, but Instagram has discovered a new fan.

This is Ambra Angiolini! In a recent post that sees Damiano in the company of Katia, the presenter ironically wrote: ” No, but the convenience … of leaning on Damiano?”. The post has created thousands of reactions and among these, here comes that of the actress Ambra Angiolini. His comment was: “In the sense that you find comfort in the cold and hard hook in summer as in winter. There is only that he learns from you ”. And then finally, emoticons with little hearts.

It is now certain, the chef Damiano Carrara is a real heartthrob, it is no coincidence that he was considered one of the most beautiful chefs in Italy.


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