Chiara Nasti in a “sporty” version: very abundant neckline [PHOTO]


Chiara Nasti shows up on Instagram in a sporty version: but what is striking is a truly abandoned neckline. Double smile, for a double shot.

What is needed, in winter, is certainly a beautiful and intense sports session. Full of sweat and fatigue, you return home much warmer. Obviously keeping all the anti-contagion rules of the moment. But sport, or a version of this aspect of our daily life, does not always reconcile with sweat or fatigue.

As evidence of what has just been saying there is certainly the showy Chiara Nasti. It has now become a successful influencer in all respects. Every day the number of her followers, or rather the quota rises more and more. For now, it is still at 1.7 million but will aim for the 2 million marks in all this 2021.

And to do so, very often, she can only risk a truly irrepressible social snapshot. In the last one posted on its page, it was presented in a sporty version. But as we said earlier, especially in social shots, sport is not always synonymous with fatigue and sweat, but also with sensuality.

Sensual neckline: high “altitude” sports for Chiara Nasti


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A green object, very often, in her photos should never be missing. This time it’s the shoes, very sporty. In fact, Nasti seems to be ready for a sport session, if it weren’t nice sprawling on the sofa at home. Or maybe she just got back. Nobody knows.

What is known, and seen, is her beautiful cleavage just below her gorgeous smile. An aspect that has certainly not gone unnoticed, but which has also resulted in many nice comments: “Wow, for the first time a shot where what you see most is your shoe”.


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Once sporty, once elegant. In a shot posted a few days earlier, it was totally black. Here too, however, what Nasti let us a glimpse, under her transparent shirt, are her shapes.