Carolina Casiraghi “loves everyone”: the white jacket covers nothing! [PHOTOS]


Carolina Casiraghi is back with a really spicy social shot: the white jacket covers nothing. He says he loves all of her followers.

The web is full of really spicy shots . Since then, social networks have arrived, there is almost a competition to see who is able to put the hottest one of the week, if not of the day. And when we talk about hotshots, we can only mention Carolina Casiraghi .

Italian influencer and entrepreneur is known on social media for her shots at the limit of the possible. Let’s say, very quietly, that Carolina doesn’t really like dressing up on the official Instagram profile. A little for fun, a little for work. And even when it is covered, something discovered always remains.

As in the last shot, where he wore a simple white jacket. Nothing strange so far. On the contrary: a jacket of this color can also give off a bit of healthy elegance. Casiraghi, however, as often happens, did not want to put almost anything under the jacket. Plus it also showed it.

A white jacket that is too short: the Casiraghi gives the shoulders in a risque way

A general “I love you baby”. Aimed at all of her followers who have been following her for some time now. As we said earlier, inside the shot, he can be found with only the jacket on. But the jacket is really the only dress that can be seen in the photo. Below, there is really nothing. And Carolina lets it be glimpsed without too many “covers”.

In the photo, however, something nice also arrives, in a completely involuntary way, also seeing her nose. Let’s talk about the influencer’s dog. Who, to tell the truth is (almost) asleep on the arm of the sofa and looks at her a little perplexed.

From white jackets to red underwear. In truth, it is the opposite. Because this is the shot that precedes the one on the “front line”. As we said earlier, Carolina doesn’t like dresses very much, especially when she has to pose.

To warm the spirits of her followers she prefers a little red underwear, lying on the sofa at home. The same, perhaps, occupied by the dog as he watched her perform in a really risque photo like the one in which she wore the famous white jacket.