Benedetta Parodi, morning walk with him: “Good morning with us” [PHOTO]


Benedetta Parodi takes a walk with a special companion. The photos posted on his Instagram profile soften his fans.

The Parodi is one of the most loved faces of Italian television, abandoned Studio Aperto years ago was given to run a program on Mediaset where he could finally devote himself to his passion: cooking. Thanks to Cotto and Mangiato, the Italians learned to know Benedetta who then became a permanent presence in Italian homes. An experience that helped her in the publication of her first recipe book. Today the youngest of the Parodi sisters has her own program on La7, I menù di Benedetta and hosts Bake Off Italia.

Benedetta is also very active on social media, she is followed by almost a million followers, which she constantly keeps updated with photos of recipes and her private life. The presenter and writer are married to the well-known football commentator, Fabio Caressa, with whom she has three children: Matilde, Eleonora, and Diego. This year the couple has reached an important milestone, 21 years together, and to celebrate Parodi has posted a photo of them from a very young on his profile.

Benedetta Parodi takes a walk with a special companion – PHOTO


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Benedetta posted a very tender photo that portrays her with a special friend, her little dog Snoopy. The presenter is a lover of animals, she met her four-legged friend on the set of a commercial for Bake Off. Before meeting the Maltese, Benedetta confesses that she was afraid of dogs, but now she understands their language and can no longer part with him. It was a completely casual meeting, which however changed the life of Parodi and her family.

Snoop Dog, from what Parodi says, is not very good but the family loves to take him with them even during their holidays and if they really can’t take him with them, they leave him at friends’ or relatives’ homes.


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A post shared by Benedetta Parodi (@ziabene)

A love for Snoopy made Benedetta also rediscover the relationship with her daughter Eleonora, the two often take long walks together with the Maltese and tell each other their secrets.


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