Balotelli and Nicole Mazzocato: the revelation of her on New Year’s Eve arrives


After the rumors of a possible liaison between Nicole Mazzocato and the footballer Balotelli, finally arrives the version of the former suitor of Men and Women.

Nicole Mazzocato’s private life this year has been particularly talked about, even if there has never been any confirmation or denial from the influencer. After the end of the troubled relationship with the former Spanish tronista Fabio Colloricchio, Nicole had had a relationship with the model Thomas Teffah. The two broke up on good terms, according to both, but they decided to take different paths. The Mazzocato from then on was ” bound ” by the company in different names, actor Skam Italy, Sword of Suburra, and lately Mario Balotelli.

According to some profiles on Instagram, Balotelli and Nicole would have spent the last year together and between the two there would be an ongoing flirtation. Until a few days ago neither of them had said a word about it, but now comes the version of the former suitor of Men and Women. Nicole states that there is no flirtation with the footballer and that she would have spent the New Year in the company of close friends and in absolute tranquility.

Nicole Mazzocato speaks with Very Inutil People and responds to rumors

Very Inutil People is one of the most active profiles on Instagram that has become known because it targets influencers, pointing out their often grammatical mistakes but also related to products they sponsor and don’t even know. In the last period, the profile has grown a lot, she has also opened a blog of her own and managed to talk to the former suitor of Men and Women on the ” Balotelli question”.

To them, Nicole denied the rumors about the hypothetical liaison with Mario Balotelli, according to which the two would have spent New Year‘s Eve together. Apparently, however, another “scandalizes” profile claims that the influencer is lying and that her stories from the last year (where Balotelli did not appear) were just a cover. This is a very risky hypothesis, which we find hard to believe. However, it is Nicole’s word against that of a fairly anonymous Instagram profile. Balotelli, among other things, had been pinched with Alessia Messina, another old acquaintance often and Women. It seems, however, that everything between the two is already shipwrecked.