Anna Tatangelo, shorts and a cryptic phrase: what does she want to tell us? [PHOTOS]


Gigi D’Alessio’s former partner, Anna Tatangelo writes an emblematic sentence next to a photo of her published a few hours ago.

The last post published by the Roman singer, formerly of the Neapolitan singer Gigi D’Alessio, made us think a lot. Beyond the undisputed beauty of Tatangelo, what made the photo ” speak ” was the message she wrote. ” Some think that holding on makes you strong ” begins the beautiful 34-year-old, and then ends with ” but sometimes letting go does it “. Who will the message be addressed to? Does it have a recipient or is it just a nocturnal thought slipped on an Instagram post? Although, we know very well, that everything published on social media has a consequence.

Anna left behind her story with D’Alessio, a complicated and overwhelming love from which their only son Andrea was born. The couple met when Tatangelo was very small, a teenager, and this already sparked not a few controversies that were added to the rumors of betrayal of the singer who at the time was married to her first wife. After the crisis that marked the couple in 2017, they try again but before the lockdown, they break up permanently and Anna becomes a completely different person.

After separating from Gigi, Anna reinvents herself and discovers hidden sides of herself [PHOTOS]

Anna has a very popular Instagram profile, has about 1.7 million followers who have increased a lot after the breakup with the ex-partner that led to a drastic change. The Tatangelo seems rejuvenated, she found energy and a force perhaps lost during the years and rumors. Today she experiments in both fashion and music, and apparently, she is very much appreciated by her followers.

The last post published by Anna is not a particularly seductive photo, the 34-year-old is in gymnastic clothes sitting on a table with a pensive face. Reflects the thought she wrote, the Roman singer has understood that it is not always good to put on armor but sometimes to take the beauty that life offers us, we must show ourselves vulnerable.

Today Anna is single and does not want to think about a future love relationship, she focuses on her son Andrea and her career.