Alice Campello, lady Morata with a costume that enhances her shapes [PHOTO]


Alice Campello, wife of Alvaro Morata, shows up in a shot on Instagram with a costume in the middle of winter. Forms more than stand out and a look towards the beyond.

Midwinter. This is what you hear all over Italy. The temperatures, compared to previous years, drop sharply. It seems that the season is back to doing its duty in a favorable environment. Not everyone, however, loves this season. And if you really can’t take a dip in the sea, you might as well remember the hot days of the summer with a few shots.

To delight her followers, 2.4 million, complete with costume and gaze towards the infinite is Alice Campello. Born in 1995, she has been married to Juventus footballer Alvaro Morata since 2017. Almost four years of a happy marriage, from which they were born between splendid children, two twins, born in 2018, and the last, who arrived at the end of last year.

Alice, who was born in Veneto, in that of Mestre, dedicates some time to herself and above all to the sight and likes of her followers, who increasingly appreciate her shapes and her beauty. in view on the official Instagram profile.

Alice Campello’s look is beautiful: a rhyme with a lot of costumes

We could define “Alice Campello’s look beautiful” . A rhyme for lady Morata who once again appeared on the official Instagram profile leaving everyone speechless. A costume that has done nothing but highlight its shapes. From the emoticons she puts in the caption, one perceives the lack of sun, sea and heat.

Days that sooner or later will return, but that can now be remembered only through a beautiful shot such as those proposed by Alice Campello. The latter, among the comments, always finds the intervention of some VIPs who follow her with great affection.

Two days ago, however, she had posted a family photo . Picking it up from the past. Indeed, the shots were more than one. With a lot of tags to mate Alvaro Morata , who intervened writing in front of everyone: “What a moment! You are my life ” .