Viky Varga with the 60s look: the most beautiful legs on the web [PHOTO]


Viky Varga vintage effect: the 60s blazer shows off the model’s long and perfect legs: a show

Charming Hungarian model, soon marries Viky Varga continues to delight Instagram followers. The girl is experiencing a golden moment, especially from a sentimental point of view; Graziano Pelle, her historical partner, asked her to marry him with an enchanting proposal, for a thousand and one nights in the setting of the United Arab Emirates.

Vacation turned into a dream by the beautiful Hungarian who is now ready to take the plunge, perhaps with an adjoining return to Italy after a four-year experience in China. Yes, because Pellè, from 2016 in Shandong, is now released and looking for a new adventure – probably the last – in Italy.

The Belpaese, therefore, is a second home for the beautiful Varga, which has given it popularity and love. Beautiful, born in ’85 just like her boyfriend, the girl has worked around Europe and the world with the most important fashion agencies. And the two met in Holland in 2012, during the footballer’s experience at Feyenoord. Eight years of engagement, therefore, before the big step.

Viky Varga, the blazer and the perfect legs


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Perfect shapes, Viki Varga on Instagram is very active; over half a million followers on the popular social network dotted with hotshots, including photos in underwear or costumes that raise the erotic rate to unimaginable levels. The Magiara alternates in the foregrounds, wearing outfits of brands of which she is testimonial, to others in which she poses with her handsome boyfriend, images that collect the full likes of the couple’s fans.

The boys, however, appreciate more the “open” version of the Varga, the one that shows off with many inches of uncovered skin. She recently published pictures and videos of the marriage proposal by her boyfriend, with a lot of emotion on the part of the girl, up to tears as it happens to every woman.

Definitely more appreciated, however, the close-up of the girl immersed in the sea of ​​the Maldives wearing a white and wet micro swimsuit with an almost transparent effect. A minimal, high-cut bikini that shows off her gorgeous body and something beyond.


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In the last image, however, the selfie shows the blazer worn by the girl who shows off her long and perfect legs, wrapped in black boots up to the knee.


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