Veronica Ruggeri from behind shows a crazy body: never seen like this! [PHOTOS]


A Veronica Ruggeri like we’ve never seen her before. The Hyena sports an enviable physique, to the delight of her fans on Instagram: the shot from behind

Veronica Ruggeri in the hot version. The beautiful journalist of the Hyenas showed herself in a very sensual shot for her fans, turned from the back with tight pants. The famous correspondent Mediaset is not entirely new to shots of this type, in addition to using social media for her services and her work, in fact, in her home on Instagram you can also scrutinize some more sensual photos.

Nothing transcendental, mind you, Veronica is anything but an influencer who uses her body to grab likes and acclaim, but she too sometimes shows herself in more sensual poses. The photo shared today received a lot of support, 12 thousand likes in a few hours, and dozens of comments.

Veronica Ruggeri, the beautiful correspondent of the Hyenas amazes social networks

He is the familiar face of the Hyenas, Mediaset‘s flagship journalistic investigation programThe journalist born in 1991 has been in the ranks of the Hyenas since 2013, many of her reports over time, which brought her from a very young age to the top of her work as a correspondent, receiving many awards and recognitions, as well as running the program.

In addition to Hyenas, Veronica has participated in many other TV programs, such as Zelig. The beauty of the journalist is not in question, in fact, she participates in Miss Italia in 2011, and every now and then she shares some spicier shots on her Instagram profile. Very active on social media, it boasts 570 thousand followers and 700 published posts. In the afternoon today, and out of the ordinary shot for the beautiful correspondent of the Hyenas.