Pierluigi Diaco says goodbye to social networks: the outburst from Venier displaces everyone


The well-known TV presenter, Pierluigi Diaco, got completely naked during his interview with Domenica In. His outburst left everyone speechless.

The journalist, Pierluigi Diaco, was a guest yesterday in Mara Venier’s living room. During his interview, the Roman got completely naked. He talked about his childhood, how the absence of his father marked and formed him and his homosexuality. The TV presenter told his aunt Mara that he had always been passionate about the world of television and in particular the conducting. In fact, in search of a father figure he was missing, he looked like a boy at the editorials of Alessandro Curzi on Tg 3. At the age of 13/14, he also invited him to an institute assembly.

Diaco recalled his past marked by several painful moments such as the absence of the father figure and the media obsession with his sexual orientation. “There was a moment when journalists were only interested in that part of me,” said the TV presenter. To date, he is happily married to his partner Alessio Orsingher, with whom he wants to start a family.

Pierluigi Diaco confesses: “Without you and Nicola I would not have made it”

The TV reporter opened up and confessed to having had some really difficult times. The criticisms and attacks received following the airing of his program have taken away his serenity. Precisely for this reason, he decided to say goodbye to Instagram and Twitter definitively, claiming that it is a suitable place for the youngest. Later he turns to Venier thanking her for her support and that of her husband Nicola without whom he would not have been able to face criticism.

“Last summer was difficult for me. Making a program after the first wave of the pandemic trying to find the right touch was not easy ” confessed Pierluigi. Then he added, “I took off social media in July. I did it because I am not capable ”.  It is certainly not easy to constantly fight against trolls and haters online. Therefore, we must also accept and respect those who decide to take a step back to safeguard themselves.